Travelling Light

Articles on Relationships and Sexuality by Jenny Hale

Jenny writes articles on relationships and sexuality for a variety of publications. Here are some of her writings.

Challenging the common interpretation of the term “polarity”:

Myths About “Polarity” That Are Killing Our Relationships

Can you really meditate during orgasm?

Meditate During Orgasm to Bring More Enlightenment Into The OMG-YES-YES-YESSS


A counter-argument to the popular notion that only monogamous relationships can “go deep”:

Do You Need to Be Monogamous to “Go Deep“?

A long-form beginner’s guide to polyamory:

Polyamory 101: A Guide For Curious & Courageous Souls

These guys missed out on a bunch of SEO value by substituting a euphemism for the key words “penis bigger”:

You ‘Can’ Make Yourself Bigger Down There: Ancient Techniques That Really Work.

A reasoned and disciplined rant against the “Bonsai Femininity” preached in many modern “Tantra” and relationships workshops:

4 Myths about Femininity That Some People Still Believe

A wake-up call for men who think that good sex is all about giving a woman orgasms:

“But She Had a Great Time…” – Why Orgasm Is a Bad Way to Measure Good Sex

Helpful info for women:

So, You Want A Man Who Can Make You Orgasm For Hours?