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Travelling Light Escapes From Facebook!

Travelling Light With CatsWhy have a blog when you can write notes on Facebook?

Well, frankly, notes are the forgotten stepchild at Facebook. The interface to create them is clunky, they don’t even show up on the mobile version of the page, and Google doesn’t index them, so you can’t find them by searching.

Not to mention, of course, that you can’t embed videos in them, or give your hyperlinks sensible names.

But enough about our breakup with Facebook. We continue to be friends, and you will see links to our new blog posts in your Facebook feed, just where the links to the notes used to be.

We created our blog on the auspicious date of 1 January, 2015, but it won’t go live until we have properly set up the theme, plugins, widgets and assorted other paraphernalia that readers don’t need to think about.

On the plus side for you, our reader, in the future (and back in time as well, once we have migrated our notes across), you will be able to browse posts by category or keyword tags, and even search through all posts for a specific word or phrase.

We will be branching out from the strict travel journal format, too, to include “how to” posts about some of the things we have learned along the way. Stay connected to be notified when we post:

Travelling Light In Phnom Penh, CambodiaHow To Get The Password For The Free WiFi Without Buying A Drink

How To Entice A Cat To Come For Cuddles With A Stranger

How To Learn The Basics Of A New Language In Just A Few Days

How To Make Your Smart Phone Into A WiFi Hotspot Anywhere In The World

How (And Why) To Back Up Your Computer, Tablet And Smart Phone To The Cloud

How To Find The Cheapest Airfares Online

How To Treat Yourself For Stomach Bugs In South-East Asia

Travelling Light And Friend Have Thai VisasHow To Find Cheap Travel Insurance (That Is Still Good!)

How To Cross The Border From Thailand To Cambodia Without Being Robbed Blind

How To Calm An Overexcited Monkey Before Things Get Out Of Hand

How To Cure Impotence (With The Malaysian Penis Doctor Of Phnom Penh)

Travelling Light Using Free WiFiHow To Get A Tuk Tuk For Less Than $2 In Phnom Penh

How To Speak Thai Without Accidentally Calling Someone’s Mother A Dog. Or A Horse.

How (And Why) To Norn

How To Make Sure Your Travel Insurance Pays Your Claim (And What To Do If It Doesn’t)

How To Use Spotify When You Are Overseas More Than Two Weeks

How To Set It Up So Your Friends And Family Can Call You Wherever You Are, Anywhere In The World, For The Cost Of A Local Call

Of course, not everything is a “how to”. We will also get around to sharing posts on such topics as:

The Top Nine Smart Phone Apps For Long Term Travel

Travelling Light At Poi Pet Border Between Thailand And CambodiaBest Websites For Finding Cheap Airfares

Top Three Cloud Backup Providers For International Travellers

Seven Must-Visit Beaches In Thailand

What To Know Before You Take A Homestay Holiday In Thailand

Last Chance To See: Five Places To Visit Before They Are Gone Forever

What Do Muslims In Thailand Really Think About The Palestinian Crisis?

Travelling Light With Street Art In PenangOff The Beaten Track: 12 Tips For Escaping The Tourist Rut And Finding The Real (Insert Country Name Here)

Is It Safe To Visit Thailand?

The Joys (And Frustrations) Of Slow Travel

It’s quite a smorgasbord of posts we have in the pipeline! Who knows how long it will take to get them all written …

Still, it’s an inspiring challenge, and we both made New Years resolutions to do more creative stuff, like writing, this year. We’ll see how that goes over the next few months …

And just because we can, here’s one of our first videos – Line Clear, Penang, where Jenny delivered a litter of kittens last year.